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Top Handmade Reclaimed Bricks Supplier In India

Top Handmade Reclaimed Bricks Supplier in India
Bricks are the Legos of construction world; strong, versatile, and easily customizable.

This basic construction element may have seen overwhelming upgrades in recent years; with machine-made bricks flooding the market. But the demand for handmade bricks is still going strong. We are now seeing renewed demand for ‘handmade reclaimed bricks’, with homeowners and designers trying to incorporate this aesthetic beauty into their home construction.

We at Devi Lakshmi Brick Works, strive to become the most sought after handmade reclaimed bricks supplier in India so we take our brick making seriously. We bring you this simple guide on handmade reclaimed bricks and the reasons why you should opt this finer construction material for your next project.

What Are Handmade Reclaimed Bricks?

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Handmade reclaimed bricks are made from old bricks, which have been reclaimed from old buildings. These bricks are hand-made and hand-finished. They are the most commonly used reclaimed building material.

These bricks, which are originally made with clay and stone, are reclaimed and given a new lease of life by our artisanal brick makers. With years of experience as the leading handmade reclaimed bricks supplier in India, our handmade reclaimed bricks are known for their rustic charm and timeless elegance. Our bricks are preferred for their unique design, fine quality, and long-lasting durability.

Choosing reclaimed bricks for your home’s façade will have a significant impact on the overall look of the property. Reclaimed bricks may bring a lot of charm to your home because of their natural patina and rough-textured appeal.

They are frequently retrieved from local demolition sites and come in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes. They can be re-used when they have been cleaned up, increasing the sustainability value of your project.

Why Used Handmade Reclaimed Bricks?



Let’s be honest here for a minute. Rapid urbanization is one of the leading causes of global warming, and unchecked construction, mainly unregulated disposal of construction debris, is a primary contributor here. Industry experts have insisted on sustainable construction methods, and using reclaimed construction materials is key to this initiative.

Supplying good quality handmade reclaimed bricks is our contribution to becoming an eco-friendly handmade reclaimed bricks supplier in India.

Cost Effectiveness:

The other advantage of using handmade reclaimed bricks is the cost. With the cost of construction sky-rocketing in recent years, we want to offer a budget-friendly option to passionate homeowners, in building their dream home within a reasonable budget. So we want to deliver handmade reclaimed bricks that are a great option to sustainable construction and affordable housing for all. We want to be your trusted partner and a reliable bricks supplier in India for all.


Handmade reclaimed bricks are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial construction projects. Our handmade reclaimed bricks can be customized to meet your project requirements and are ideal for various residential and commercial applications, including patios, walkways, driveways, walls, steps, and fireplaces.

Desired Look & Finish:

You can achieve a contemporary look and feel in your home by choosing handmade reclaimed bricks. It combines strength, durability, and beauty which will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Traditional handmade reclaimed bricks are a superior choice compared to modern construction materials like cement, plasterboard, and panelling. Because of its durability and longevity, handmade reclaimed bricks are a very cost-effective alternative to modern construction materials.

We are committed to becoming the most trusted and reliable handmade reclaimed bricks supplier in India, and will keep improving our processes to meet the growing demand from our valued customers. Call us today or message us, and our expert team will be happy to help you choose the perfect handmade reclaimed bricks for your project.

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