Guide To 7 Types Of Bricks
Top Bricks Suppliers In Gujarat

Top Bricks Suppliers In Gujarat
Bricks have been used in construction for thousands of years. The very first use of bricks dates back to the Neolithic period, around 7000 B.C. Made with a humble process and basic ingredients, clay bricks were widely used in the construction of homes, temples, and other prominent structures. The common rectangular red block has a deep history of erecting many architectural marvels throughout history.

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Bricks are a major part of any construction. Based on the type of construction, engineers have an important part in selecting the right kind of brick. The variety of bricks available today, including those from handmade bricks suppliers in Gujarat, allows the engineers to choose from a large variety of bricks to meet the requirement of the project. Collaborating with diverse suppliers, such as handmade bricks suppliers in Gujarat, ensures that every construction project has access to the specific type of bricks that best suit its unique needs and specifications.

Different Types Of Bricks

Bricks were originally made out of clay and sun dried. Later on, kiln baked bricks took over. In the current age of modern construction, a wide variety of bricks are available.

1. Sun-Burnt Clay Bricks

Sun Burnt Clay Bricks
The most basic of bricks, made with clay and dried in the sun. These are mostly handmade bricks. Mostly manufactured in rural areas for local consumption, these bricks do not have a consistent finish or shape. They are, however, widely used in construction of houses.
The primitive manufacturing process renders the sun-burnt bricks porous and prone to cracking. They don’t offer great durability or longevity.

2. Burnt Clay Bricks

Burnt Clay Bricks
Superior quality bricks made of clay that is burnt in a kiln. They come with higher strength and are most preferred in construction of walls, foundations, columns, etc. There are 4 grades of burnt clay bricks –

-> First-class bricks

Best quality bricks with sharp edges and superior finish. Stronger than other grade bricks and are most preferred for construction. These bricks hold shape and are less prone to cracking.

-> Second-class bricks

Slightly weaker than first-class bricks. Ground-moulded and baked in kilns, these bricks don’t have a standard shape. Rather, they have a rough finish and can have minute hair cracks. They have to be covered with a coat of plaster to prevent cracking.

-> Third-class bricks

Poor quality bricks suitable for temporary construction only. They are light in weight and have a rough finish. They are not suitable for use in construction of load bearing structures or exterior walls. Do not work well in cold climates or heavy rains either.

-> Fourth-class bricks

Over-burnt bricks, generally black in color. Not preferred due to their bad color and poor finish. Ideal to be used as an aggregate for concrete in road construction, floors and other non-load bearing structures.

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3. Fly-Ash Bricks

Fly Ash Bricks
Specifically used in masonry, fly ash bricks are produced by mixing the fly ash with a binder and then moulding the mixture into bricks. Fly ash bricks are generally used in the construction of masonry walls as they are stronger than ordinary bricks. The high concentration of calcium oxide in these bricks makes them ‘self-cementing’ and makes them an ideal choice for facades, internal brickworks, fends, and other load-bearing applications. They offer better aesthetic appeal compared to handmade bricks or machine cut bricks.

4. Concrete bricks

Concrete Bricks
Concrete bricks are the most commonly used bricks in the construction industry. Cement, sand, water and coarse aggregates are mixed to make concrete bricks that offer solid construction. Since they are completely machine made, concrete bricks can be made in any shape and size. They have become increasingly popular with multi-storey buildings as they are the most economical and durable building material.

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5. Engineered Bricks

Engineered Bricks
As the name suggests, engineered bricks are bricks that have been engineered for specific purposes. Most commonly made engineered bricks are made to be fire resistant, corrosion resistant, frost resistant, and heat resistant. They are widely used for construction of underground structures, or basement parking lots.

6. Sand Lime Bricks or Calcium Silicate Bricks

Sand Lime Bricks
These are ornamental bricks made from a mixture of sand, lime, and fly ash. They are used in numerous decorative works like facades, elevation, masonry work, and ornamental decorative on the outdoors.

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7. Hollow Bricks Or Eco Bricks

Hollow Bricks Or Eco Bricks
Horizontally perforated or vertically perforated hollow bricks are used in a number of construction projects. The hollow space covers about 25-60% of the brick bed area. Hollow bricks can have cores, cells, deep frogs, or a combination of these hollow spaces.
Hollow bricks offer very high compressive strength and are a great choice for masonry construction where thinner walls with better strength is required. Due to the hollow space, these bricks are light-weight and hence easy to store and transport. They are gaining popularity owing to their thermal insulation properties and cost efficiency.
So, when it comes to choosing the right kind of brick, it is important to consider the type of construction, climate, and the application. It is also important to consider the right binder to be used, the quality of the bricks, and the intended use of the bricks. The right brick can render a huge impact on the construction, and thus is worth investing in.

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