Why Use Handmade Bricks? Handmade Bricks Supplier In India Explains

Handmade Bricks Supplier In India

Handmade bricks have been long preferred by homeowners who want to give their home an authentic look. Handmade bricks are durable and last long. Devi Lakshmi Brick Works, reputed handmade bricks supplier in India, tells us more about this popular construction material and why you should use handmade bricks for your next project.

What Are Handmade Bricks?

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Handmade bricks are formed by moulding and cutting a rough clay block. They are entirely handcrafted and offer a more authentic look to your building than machine-cut bricks. Every handmade brick is one-of-a-kind because each piece is handcrafted. They also have a rough finish and wavy edges, which machine cut bricks do not have. They are more robust, resilient, and less brittle than machine-cut bricks.
Handmade bricks have a distinct character, particularly when employed in small-scale design. They have a very lovely appearance. They are ideal for enhancing your home decor and adding a rustic touch to it. Devi Lakshmi Brick Works, top handmade bricks supplier in India, manufacture high quality handmade bricks for both domestic and commercial purposes. Browse through our catalog to find the right handmade brick for your needs.

Pros And Cons Of Using Handmade Bricks

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The pros of using handmade bricks well exceed its drawbacks. Here are some –

  • They can be manufactured to order based on your exact design specifications. You can customize and shape them to your specifications
  • They can be altered and updated to meet your needs (as the most trusted bricks manufacturers in India, we can create handmade bricks to suit your design specifications)
  • They are inexpensive and made of natural clay
  • They offer simple and quick installation
  • They last longer than brick slips or recycled bricks
  • They are adaptable and can be used for flooring, walls, ceilings, and even outdoor flooring


There are not many cons to using handmade bricks –

  • As handmade bricks are not mass-produced, they are not cheap
  • They take longer to produce. Depending on the size of the block, a handmade clay block can take up to a week to complete. Moulding and cutting into bricks can take another week or more
  • Since they are larger and heavier than brick slips, they take up more area for installation
  • Their finish is generally uneven and rough, making them unsuitable for large-scale installations

Handmade bricks are more popular with our customers than machine cut bricks since they are more beautiful and more readily accessible. We are also one of the leading handmade bricks suppliers in Gujarat, providing high quality, long-lasting handmade bricks.

Why Are Handmade Bricks Popular?

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Many homeowners still prefer handmade bricks since they have greater aesthetics and give their place a more homely sense. Handmade bricks are commonly used in the following applications:

Brick Matching – Handmade bricks come in a variety of sizes and colors to satisfy all of your needs. If you want to produce a specific design, such as Victorian building, you can use handcrafted bricks by selecting the proper colored bricks and matching them together.

Conservation – Handmade bricks can also be utilized in conservation techniques because they do not crack or break readily. The use of handmade bricks created using traditional processes for protecting a historic building is an important aspect of heritage conservation.

Rustic Finish – Adding handmade bricks to generate a contemporary look is a smart approach to merge traditional with contemporary aesthetics. They are frequently combined with modern materials and designs to achieve a desired rustic effect.

Our experts will be able to explain more about the features and benefits of handmade bricks for your project. We are the most reliable handmade bricks supplier in India and we can assure high quality handmade bricks to suit your needs and budget.

How Do You Pick The Best Handmade Bricks For Your Next Project?

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Handmade bricks come in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes, allowing them to be used in practically any project. They are ideal for designing sophisticated yet rustic environments. Natural and painted handmade bricks can be used to generate a modern aesthetic.

Devi Lakshmi Brick Works, a reputable handmade bricks supplier in India, will be delighted to supply you with a wide range of handmade bricks suitable for your projects and budget. You can select from a large variety of readily available and custom-made bricks.

Call us today if you’re looking for high-quality, low-cost bricks!

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