Brick Pavers – Insights From Leading Bricks Suppliers In India

Brick Pavers From Leading Bricks Suppliers In India

Brick pavers are widely used in landscaping and commercial projects such as buildings, driveways, and pathways since they are both durable and attractive. As one of the most trusted bricks suppliers in India, our clients have, time and again, wondered why brick pavers are better than cobblestones or concrete pavers.

Actually, brick pavers are pretty different from cobblestone pavers, which are cut out of natural stone. They are made from simple clay, shaped into rectangular blocks, and fired in a kiln. And you may also come across concrete pavers that are made from concrete. In spite of its limited color options and the perpetual rectangular shape, brick pavers are still in high demand because of their timeless appeal and authentic classy finish.



Brick Pavers - Design & Finish

Brick Pavers Design And Finish
Brick pavers, unlike the bricks used for masonry work, has a smooth and uniform finish. They may be available only in shades of reds or browns but they can offer a classic look to your landscaping. Whether you choose to use them in your patio, walkways, or driveways, brick pavers can add a unique touch to your space.
Unlike concrete pavers, brick pavers are not available in different shapes and sizes; they come in a uniform rectangular shape. Still, they can be arranged in different patterns to create a unique look. Being a reputed bricks supplier in India, our sales team can guide you in finding and ordering the right brick pavers for your next project.

Brick Pavers - Installation

Brick Pavers Installation
Brick pavers can be easily installed on mortar or paver sand. However, it is important to get the base of the brick paver prepared properly, as this will ensure that it is easy to install and provides a strong foundation for the brick paver to stand on.

-> The perimeter bricks are usually installed first, and they are sometimes set in concrete to create a solid edging that holds the field bricks in place.

-> As they are installed, the pavers are flattened and “set” by thumping them with a mallet.

-> Individual bricks can be cut, but trimming the edges all at once with a handheld circular saw or rented wet saw fitted with a diamond blade is much faster.

-> After the brick surface has been flattened and leveled with a heavy roller, the cracks between the bricks are filled with loose sand or mortar.

When you buy your brick pavers from the best-selling bricks suppliers in India, you are assured of end to end solutions for your construction needs.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and Repair

-> Moisture and heat from the sun will cause brick pavers to weather over time. The life of your driveway can be extended by keeping the brick pavers well-sealed and by periodically washing them to remove loose dirt.

-> Any moisture at all can cause cracking and crumbling. To avoid this, apply enough mortar or sand to fill any voids without causing pools, and wait for it to dry sufficiently before applying more. Our experts can give you more tips and tricks to keep your brick pavers in good condition. We are the best bricks suppliers in India and you can find our latest collection here.

-> Proper care and maintenance can keep your brick pavers in great shape for years. A pressure washer should be used to wash a brick paver driveway once or twice a year. Make sure weeds and dirt aren’t growing between the bricks.

-> The bricks should be sealed after each washing to ensure a long life.

-> Clay bricks can flake and peel over time if they are not sealed. A sealer can be sprayed on with a good pump sprayer, or it can be rolled or brushed on.
-> Seal the sand joints as well as the brick’s surface to help the sand solidify and prevent weeds and moss from growing in the joints.

Brick Pavers VS Other Pavers

brick pavers vs other pavers

While cobblestones and concrete offer varied designs and color options, they do not have the timeless appeal that brick pavers bring to your home. Cobblestone pavers are sourced from natural stones and are not an option for homeowners on a tight budget. But brick pavers are not inexpensive either. They are definitely a notch higher in price compared to concrete pavers. Yes, concrete pavers do come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, but brick pavers are more durable and offer a more decorative appeal. Most bricks suppliers in India would agree with this point.

Remember, both brick and concrete pavers tend to fade and crack over time, with continuous exposure to natural elements. They both need to be sealed regularly to keep them in top condition. So why not go with brick pavers that will transform your driveway into something truly special?

Are Brick Pavers The Right Choice For Your Home?

are brick pavers the right choice
Elegance, class, and appeal; brick pavers are your go to choice if you want to make a statement in your home. If you have the right professional for installation or have some great DIY installation skills, give this classic choice a try. We assure you, there won’t be any regrets.

We at Devi Lakshmi Brick Works, the leading bricks suppliers in India, have the best range of brick pavers for every need and budget. Give us a call or send us an email to get a quote, now!

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